The Watermark Partner Matching Contributions Program

Xylem Watermark has committed to match funds donated and raised by our stakeholder’s to nonprofits who are responding to COVID-19. To donate or create a fundraiser for a nonprofit cause of your choice, complete the Apply for Matching application form below.  Once a cause is approved you will receive a link to a donation page for this nonprofit, and all donations made through this page will be matched at a rate of 1:1.  Matching funds will be capped at  $25,000 per nonprofit until the overall programmatic budget of $500,000 is reached.

Matching Criteria

  • The nonprofit must be responding to a need generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and/or the subsequent lockdowns.
  • The nonprofit organization must be 501c3 or equivalent that is approved and registered with Benevity (Xylem’s grants portal tool).  Use the Benevity Search Portal to determine if your nonprofit partner meets this criteria.
  • Prioritization will be given to organizations that are responding in locations which are currently heavily impacted by COVID-19, or high-risk, low-resource locations which require advanced preparedness
  • Prioritization will be given to causes which are responding to COVID-19 through one of the following focus areas:
    • Watermark mission & focus areas: Emergency response, WASH, Value of Water, education, youth development
    • Support & safety for critical services front line personnel: Preparedness, mental health resources, training, etc. for front line workers at utilities, health care, &  critical care facilities, etc.
    • Community sustainability & resilience:  Provision of critical life resources (i.e. food, water, medical care), small businesses support, youth support & education, etc.
    • Infection mitigation: Efforts to prevent the spread & impact of COVID-19 cases

Matching Process

  1. Please use the form below to submit your request to receive matching for a specific nonprofit organization
  2. You will hear from Xylem Watermark regarding your request within 1-3 business days. 
  3. Upon approval, Xylem Watermark will share the donation page link with you. If desired, this link can be shared with colleagues and community members to fundraise for the cause. 
  4. For fundraisers - Each Friday, the applicant will receive a report of the total amount raised.  For privacy reasons, Benevity cannot disclose the names and donation amounts of individual donors.

Application forms are currently open until August 1st, 2020.

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