Sustainability Strategy

The name Xylem is derived from the scientific term for the vascular tissue in plants that transports water upward from the roots. The name reflects our commitment to keep driving progress to help our customers serve their communities and stakeholders — and to do our part to create a more sustainable world.

Serving Our Customers


Our approach to sustainability centers on our belief that by providing innovative and reliable technology, solutions, services and expertise, we can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and advance sustainability in communities across the globe. By deploying our innovative technologies and solutions, our customers mitigate water scarcity, reduce water losses and optimize water system assets to improve water affordability. Other solutions prevent stormwater pollution, predict and protect against flooding, and lower greenhouse gas emissions to help communities and their water systems become more resilient to the impacts of climate change and other challenges. We are a leader in the digital transformation of water, enabling our customers to leverage data, analytics and decision intelligence to optimize the way they manage water and realize bold water, energy and cost savings for the communities they serve.

Building a Sustainable Company

To enhance our ability to support our customers’ goals, we focus on building resilience across our own company — advancing our dual commitment to sustainability and financial performance. We do our work with discipline today while also focusing on our vision of tomorrow. We run our business with integrity and minimize our environmental footprint. We ensure the safety of our employees and the quality of our products. We promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we partner with organizations that share our values. We work closely with our suppliers to adhere to and champion responsible business practices that strengthen the environment, global economy and society, creating a safer and more equitable world. Our stakeholders want to know that they can rely on Xylem, and we are committed to being their partner of choice, and to helping them protect and serve their communities and customers.

Empowering Communities

We help strengthen communities facing the most severe water challenges, and we raise awareness of water challenges around the world through our commitment to corporate social responsibility and innovative partnerships. We provide water-related disaster relief expertise, technology and equipment to communities in need. We seek to inspire the next generation of water innovators and stewards, and we mobilize our employees and stakeholders by creating volunteer opportunities to solve water and support social change. This increases social value in the communities we serve around the world. Our approach allows us to advance sustainability and have greater impact for all those we serve.

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