Join Xylem’s customer loyalty program to bring water to those in need

Join Xylem’s customer loyalty program to bring water to those in need

Xylem customers and partners in selected countries can now actively contribute to bringing clean water and education to communities in need. Join Xylem’s free Waterdrop program by downloading the new mobile app, then start collecting points, called waterdrops. Not only can you qualify for the annual volunteer trip by collecting the most waterdrops, Xylem will also build new water towers based on the number of drops collected. Join now to be part of this important mission!

How the Waterdrop program works

Participants in the program use the Waterdrop app to scan Xylem QR-codes to collect waterdrops. Waterdrops can be collected in multiple ways, for example, via social media channels, webinars, tradeshow booths and local volunteer events. Waterdrop launches in Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK and Ireland this year, with the ambition to add even more European countries later.
The Waterdrop program is an extension of Watermark, Xylem’s social investment and corporate citizenship program, which focuses on providing safe water resources and educating people about water issues. The first-of-its-kind Waterdrop initiative enables Xylem’s customers and business partners to make a real difference in solving water challenges.
“We wanted to find a way to engage our customers and partners in helping solve water problems,” says Dan Iversen, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Europe at Xylem. “Our Xylem Watermark program has already brought clean water and sanitation to over three million people, and now Waterdrop extends this program so that our customers can also participate in this important work.”

How to contribute to building a water tower

After each Waterdrop season, which is 12 months, four winners will be announced in each country to go with Xylem and our partner Planet Water to build a water tower in communities in need. The top three Waterdrop collectors from each country will qualify automatically. The fourth participant will be determined during a local Waterdrop qualifier event.
In addition, after each season Xylem will donate all the waterdrops collected through the program to Watermark. One waterdrop equals ten liters of water in the app’s waterdrop tracker. Via the app, users can see exactly how many more drops are needed to support building additional water towers. Users can also get insights about water towers that are currently operating through Xylem Watermark.
“Every waterdrop you earn goes towards building a water tower, so from day one you are making a difference in the world,” Iversen says.

Making a lasting difference in communities

So far the previous version of the Waterdrop program has taken dozens of customers and partners on trips to the Philippines and Cambodia to build water towers. The towers are often built near schools so that children have easy access to clean water. In addition, Xylem ensures that the water tower will remain in operation for five years.
Each tower is designed for quick construction, one-day installation, and easy manual maintenance. They use an ultra-filtration system to produce up to 10,000 liters of clean water each day, enough for 1,000 people.
“This is different from any other loyalty program because instead of getting benefits you are helping others,” Iversen says. “When our customers and partners volunteer to help set up a water tower, it’s infinitely more rewarding. They make a real impact on communities and create memories that will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t go on a trip, you are still making a direct impact through your waterdrops.”

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