• The Flygt Clog Free Guarantee

    Flygt pumps equipped with N-technology are guaranteed to be clog free.

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  • 3017M Chlorine Analyzer

    Accurate DPD analysis for municipal water.
    EPA approved method.

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  • Leopold Texler Lamella Clarifier

    With its efficient removal of solids, the Texler process attains very low turbidity levels and improves the filterability of the water.

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    Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization

    A smart, end-to-end wastewater solution that helps your utility fully utilize its networks and improve operations at significantly lower cost.

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  • Smith-Blair aging infrastructure solutions

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  • Manage Force Mains to Reduce Failures

    Prevent high-consequence failures and invest capital where it is needed most with actionable data from Xylem’s inline assessment technologies.

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  Next-Level UV Disinfection Solutions     Ralph Franco     Monday:  10/10/2022     10:00 AM      
  No Clogs: State of the Art Trouble Free Pumping – We Guarantee it!      Bob Domkowski, Manny Montero, Mike Ramos     Monday:  10/10/2022     11:00 AM      
  Beyond the Buzz: Real-World Results from Data-Driven Force Main Management     Anna Santino     Monday:  10/10/2022     1:00 PM      
  Groundbreaking Certified Leak-free Bypass Techniques
    Alex Wells, Mike Sturgill     Tuesday:  10/11/2022     10:00 AM      
  Intelligent Mixing Applications to Minimize Energy and Maximize Phosphorus Removal     Jim Fischer, Alden Meade, Colin Christie     Tuesday:  10/11/2022     11:00 AM      
  Next-Generation Clarification Process to Address Surface Water Challenges     Matt Schomaker     Tuesday:  10/11/2022     1:00 PM      
  Intelligent Biological Process Design: Optimizing Nutrient Removal     Dennis Barnes     Wednesday:  10/12/2022     9:00 AM      
  Be Prepared: Advanced Solutions in Stormwater Management and Contingency Planning 
    Rana Elbittibssi, Mike Ramos     Wednesday:  10/12/2022     10:00 AM      


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