WEFTEC 2023 Featured Solutions

MOVE: Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon® Controller

Your water & wastewater solution must meet specific and ever-evolving efficiency demands while delivering at optimal capacity. Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon® is an innovative monitoring & control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with demands & lower operational costs.

MOVE: Flygt Concertor® Pumps

Eliminate callouts and optimize your operations. Suitable for most pump stations in a wastewater collection system. Pre-engineered and pre-configured, you can simply hook it up and start operating. Experience the lowest cost of ownership with maximum reliability, performance, and flexibility.

TREAT: Leopold Texler™ Lamella Clarifier

The Texler breakthrough design uses a series of inclined hydrophobic geotextile lamella sheets to attain very low turbidity levels and improve water filterability. The high-strength trough covers allow easy access for inspection and maintenance.

TREAT: Sanitaire Taron™ Activated Sludge Filter

The innovative Sanitaire Taron™ Activated Sludge Filter is able to handle high solids content fed directly from a secondary activated sludge basin.  The Taron filter can relieve the hydraulic and suspended solids load on your secondary clarifiers within a small footprint.

TREAT: Wedeco Duron 8 UV System

Duron is a modular open channel wastewater UV disinfection system that effectively inactivates 99.99% of pathogens without harmful by-products. It has low-energy consumption, less-footprint and assured compliance to international third party validations for wastewater and water reuse.

MEASURE: Sensus Cordonel Meter

One meter for all your commercial and industrial (C&I) needs, the Sensus Cordonel® is a revolutionary C&I meter with a unique flow tube that allows you to measure every drop. Accurately capture and measure usage, flow, temperature, and pressure to gain more control across your entire water network.

OPTIMIZE: Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua

Providing a digital transformation to optimize water and wastewater network performance, the integrated software and analytics platform for takes digital transformation to the next level - helping utilities to move faster, maximize every investment, and visualize their sewer networks.

MAINTAIN: Xylem Assessment Service Solutions

Xylem's team of expert engineers provide design & consulting services that solve complex water and wastewater challenges, as well as Installation & Commissioning to minimize risk and maximize uptime and Operation & Maintenance Services to provide customized programs and offerings.

TREAT: Evoqua MitiGATOR® Mobile Solution

Designed for PFAS and other emerging contaminant removal from potable water, Evoqua’s MitiGATOR mobile solution can be deployed on an emergency, short- or long-term basis. It connects directly to a water source using a system that is media agnostic to meet or exceed treatment goals.

TREAT: Evoqua Phosphorus Management Solutions

Evoqua can help provide best options for phosphorus removal and recovery with our comprehensive product portfolio and experienced professionals. We provide solutions for new wastewater treatment plants, retrofits, upgrades, and sustainable nutrient recovery applications.

TREAT: Odor Reduction Corrosion Abatement (ORCA): A Water One® Services Solution

Provides superior odor control efficiency and corrosion protection through state-of-the-art digitally enabled technology & proactive service. Ensure your odor control program is operating at peak performance with 24/7 remote monitoring, real-time automated dosing adjustments, and proactive service.

TREAT: Evoqua RIVO - Coming Soon!

Join us for an in-booth reception Monday, October 2 where we will announce the new Evoqua Rivo product. Come check it out!

MEASURE: Sensus Analytics Pressure Profile

The Sensus Analytics Pressure Profile Application empowers you to proactively manage your water distribution system. Pressure Profile leverages data from Sensus smart meters and sensors and analyzes the information centered on thresholds designated by you and your utility.

MEASURE: Utility Data Lake

Take Control with the Utility Data Lake. Use your Sensus FlexNet® data from all your devices and sources stored in one centralized and secure repository to offer a complete picture of your entire system. Predicting, planning, and providing a future-proof utility is within your control.


YSI IQ SensorNet is a network of online controllers and sensors designed for process monitoring and control. Monitor up to 20 parameters (DO, pH, ORP, TSS, ammonium, nitrate and more) with a single IQ network, increasing operational efficiency, lowering operating costs, and improving performance.

TREAT: OSEC®L On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System (evoqua.com)

OSEC® systems safely generate sodium hypochlorite on-site and on-demand using only salt, water, and power. Our OSEC systems deliver efficient, reliable disinfection without the need for transport of hazardous chemicals. They have applications across municipal, aquatics, and industrial markets.