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A Message from Patrick Decker

Water security is critical to life and to creating a more sustainable world. As a leading global water technology company, we believe that means we have a special responsibility, and opportunity, to help solve intensifying water challenges around the world.

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Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

While Xylem’s latest goals will take us through 2025, our sustainability sights are set even further into the future. We are also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), a framework of global commitments to create a fairer and more sustainable world by 2030.

The UNSDGs cover challenges ranging from ending hunger and poverty to acting on climate change. From growing food to protecting health to enabling communities to thrive, each of the UNSDGs is impacted by water. As the leading global pure-play water technology company, we have a powerful opportunity to help advance these global goals and fuel progress. Learn how
Xylem is making a difference toward each of the 17 UNSDGs in our report.



Download Xylem's 2018 Sustainability Report