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    Get precise flow data in any lake, stream and river

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  • rQPOD Remote Survey Boat

    A lightweight, portable solution for
    conducting and recording water surveys.

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  • SonTek-SL Doppler Current Meter

    A simple way to measure water velocity
    and level in open channels.

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    Ideal for monitoring flows in canals, culverts,
    pipes and natural streams.

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ADCP Questions Answered

SonTek experts delve into topics essential for hydrologists, hydrometrists, hydrographers, or anyone responsible for collecting discharge data with an ADCP. 

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ADCP Training Series

This video collection is your go-to resource for mastering the art of discharge data collection using SonTek ADCP technology. 

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Careers in Water

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See the CastAway-CTD used in a global, scientific venture to monitor marine wildlife in some of the most remote places in the world.

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Collect Level And Depth Data With Flowtracker2 Optional Pressure Sensor Feature!

What The Hoopla Is All About


SonTek is pleased to unveil the new FlowTracker2 now with optional pressure sensor feature! This new feature allows for:

  • More accurate and precise measure of depth
  • More accurate and precise positioning of sensor at proper depth for measurement
  • Ability to measure in places where sight-reading of depth on a rod is inconvenient or impossible
  • Elimination of chance of human error when depth is manually read on the rod (source of error) and then keyed-in (another source of error).
  • Ability to review and QA/QC depth time series data back at the office.
  • SonTek’s innovative patent-pending method of properly compensating pressure readings under different flow conditions.

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