Explore a variety of training resources for water professionals

Goulds Water Technology has proudly delivered a robust program of industry-leading in-person training for more than 30 years, both through our factory schools and in the field. A decade ago, we also recognized the need for on-demand and remote training. So, we spent the intervening years building an impressive library of resources that includes e-Learning courses, live webinars, on-demand videos and podcasts.

We invite you to explore those resources at your leisure, by following the links below. You’ll be joining thousands of other dedicated water professionals who have already benefitted greatly from them.

Factory Schools

Goulds Water Technology provides in-person training through our factory schools. There, water professionals enhance their knowledge of pumps, systems and controls through a combination of classroom and hands-on sessions. Courses focus on residential, agricultural, industrial, municipal and commercial water systems.

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Goulds Water Technology's e-Learning program is an online extension of the in-person, hands-on training offered through our factory schools. This virtual classroom provides industry training for clean water and wastewater pump technology, and many of its courses qualify for water well CEU credits.

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Webinars are presented by the training and product experts at Goulds Water Technology. They provide up-to-date product information, troubleshooting support and other vital knowledge for water professionals. Both live and previously recorded webinars are available for viewing.

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On-Demand Videos

A vast library featuring a diverse assortment of educational videos is available at the Goulds Water Technology YouTube page. Topics include how to troubleshoot submersible motors with ohmmeters, properly adjusting the impeller on a vertical industrial turbine pump, and more.

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In the Field with Goulds Water Technology is part of the Solving Water, a Xylem podcast. It brings together Xylem experts and other thought leaders to discuss industry challenges and their solutions. These programs cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from water applications to small business support.

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Interactive Training

Explore the latest in interactive training with tools such as the V.A.R.I. Challenge, Xylem Farm, and the Wastewater Panel Wiring Simulator. Test your knowledge and learn more about Goulds Water Technology products.

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Areas of Interest – Training Opportunities Guide

The downloadable Training Opportunities Guide lists all of Goulds Water Technology’s educational offerings and groups them by particular areas of interest. This is especially useful to those water professionals who want to take a highly focused approach to learning.

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