Highlight on Godwin CD150M Final Tier 4 Pump Offering

Highlight on Godwin CD150M Final Tier 4 Pump Offering

For a long time, the six inch pump has been Xylem's most highly utilized model. Our standard version, the CD150M is seeing some changes with the new final Tier 4 engines. Currently, Xylem has three final Tier 4 CD150M pumps that can be purchased - two options for the full sized impeller, and one with a trimmed impeller. Keep in mind that with the event of final Tier 4, all these pump models are electronic and include a Godwin PrimeGuard at no additional cost.


The standard offering for Xylem's final Tier 4 CD150M is the JCB TCAE-55 engine with a full sized impeller. This is a final Tier 4 pump that relies solely on in-cylinder methods to meet emissions requirements. The 74hp engine therefore has no DPF, SCR, DOC or any other aftertreatment components to worry about during operation. This option provides the least amount of operational concern for a user. This is also the less expensive of the option of the two full sized impeller choices. The TCAE-55 is the replacement for the interim Tier 4 John Deere 4045TF290.


The John Deere 4045TFC03 driven CD150M is an additional 74hp engine offering with a full size impeller pump option. The John Deere model does include some aftertreament, having both a DPF and DOC. This engine does not, however, have an SCR, and will not require DEF fluid. John Deere is a manufacturer Xylem has used for years and has proven reliability as a pump engine. However, with the aftertreatment, this engine is a more expensive option than the JCB model and requires a little more finesse in applying due to the DPF and the restrictions that come with this component. The 4045TFC03 is a secondary option to replace the interim Tier 4 John Deere 4045TF290 option.


The trimmed impeller CD150M is powered by a 46hp Isuzu 4LE2T diesel engine. While the overall pump performance is slightly less than the full sized impeller version. This is a good option where pump performance requirements allow for a smaller more economical solution. The 4LE2T uses a DOC as the only form of aftertreatment on the engine. This engine is the replacement for the Mitsubishi interim Tier 4 engine offering.


When deciding which option is best, look carefully at how you are expecting to use your new pump. Are you looking for a pump option that doesn't have any aftertreatment to worry about? Consider the JCB option. Do you already have several John Deere driven pumps and want to stick with what you know? We've got a pump for you. Need to pass a 3 inch solid but don't need as much flow as a full sized six inch impeller will give you? Choose a trimmed impeller, smaller hp option.

If you're still not sure what the best option for your business is, give your local Xylem Sales Representative a call. They can help guide you to the right pump for the job.



by Molly Russell