New container for testing water reuse solutions

Which water reuse solution is right for your treatment plant? Xylem has developed a portable, 40-foot pilot container so that customers can find the best way to treat their wastewater for reuse or safe return to the environment. All you need to do is hook it up to your water and power supplies and start testing.

From the outside, the Xylem MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) pilot system looks just like a shipping container. But inside it offers advanced treatment systems that use ozone, ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide – or any combination of the three to create an AOP – to let customers evaluate and optimize different methods for treating their wastewater. 


The Xylem “plug-and-play” containers are simply placed on a customer’s property and connected to power and water supplies. Once onsite, the Xylem treatment system is customized by the operator based upon local contaminants, the water chemistry and the water regulations. Customers can evaluate six different treatment configurations, sometimes simultaneously, to find the best option for designing a full-scale treatment solution.

The Xylem containers are not intended to be permanent solutions, but are instead portable, temporary “pilot systems” that guide customers in making informed decisions about the best wastewater treatment option before they make huge investments in full-scale systems.

Find out how the pilot containers are being used in Florida and California.


op Simon