Direct / Wired

Extend Your Wired Systems

We offer systems and components to create wired connections to water, gas, thermal energy and electricity products and networks. Use our hardware and software to set up and operate wired systems that transfer data and information using standard communications protocols. These systems connect and transfer data through wired, communication-bus based systems.

With our Level converters and Ethernet or GPRS Gateways, you can extend wired systems over virtually limitless distances at acceptable data transfer rates. Most of our meters can communicate directly into the system. You can also connect other meters to your system by using pulse modules.

You can collect, analyze and store the data from wired systems and then transfer the data to personal computers. Our software allows you to evaluate and use this data to maintain your system and bill your customers. You can also collect data in the field by using our handheld devices to read data at remote locations and then connect these devices to store data on your systems. Our wired products and systems facilitate billing, evaluating your network, monitoring and analyzing consumption, and detecting leaks.

Many products are available only in certain regions, so please contact us in your region to learn what wired solutions are available.