• 2018 Sustainability Report

    When we solve water for our customers, we're solving so much more.  Our 2018 Report shows how we work to solve water. #LetsSolveWater

A Message from Patrick Decker

Water security is critical to life and to creating a more sustainable world. As a leading global water technology company, we believe that means we have a special responsibility – and opportunity – to solve major water challenges like affordability, access and resilience, and, in doing so, help protect our planet and empower people and communities across the globe.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

Water is the key to a more sustainable world: the source of all life, and a driver for environmental, social and economic advancement. Digital technology has revolutionized society, allowing humankind to take quantum leaps forward. Today, these two forces are converging to solve water challenges, safeguard our environment and drive social change.

As a leading global water technology provider, our purpose is to create social and economic value. We do this by:

Serving Our Customers: We provide innovative technologies, solutions and expertise that help our customers solve major water challenges like water affordability, scarcity and resilience.

Building a Sustainable Company: We know to be a company that advances sustainability, we have to be a company with a strong foundation that executes with discipline today while also focusing on the future. We adhere to and champion responsible business practices, including promoting diversity and inclusion, and look to be a standard-setter in all that we do.

Lifting Up Communities: We are a company that is committed to creating both economic and social value. We strive every day to create social impact and solve water for communities in need, including those impacted by water-related disasters, recognizing that water challenges dramatically affect the quality of life and economic prospects for millions of people around the globe every day.

In 2014, we laid out a series of five-year sustainability goals, achieving a number of them a year in advance. With the release of “The Opportunity of a Lifetime,” we are announcing a new ambitious slate of goals and we are strengthening our focus on being a company that leads by example and helps sets the pace for sustainability.

As 17,000 colleagues around the globe united in a shared purpose, we live this commitment every day through our work and humanitarian efforts. For us, it’s more than a job, it’s personal.

We believe that every person and every community around the world should have the water they need to thrive. In 2018, we worked across our company, with our partners and in communities to advance this purpose, and we continue to build on this progress.

Our commitment to sustainability guides us and inspires us every day to reach further, to lead the digital transformation of water, to bring stakeholders together, to inspire the next generation of water stewards and to never stop until we achieve our mission – to solve water and to help create a more water-secure and sustainable world.

Sustainability Vision


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