Net Zero

The race to net zero is on. How will water utilities rise to the challenge of lower emissions?

Discover the strategies that can help optimize utility operations to deliver better sustainability and business outcomes, hand in hand.

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Water utilities are challenged daily to meet growing demand and deliver compliant services at a cost communities can bear. Those imperatives don’t pause for emissions reduction. And they don't have to.

Net zero is possible with the right approaches and proven technologies. Any water utility can start, today, and reduce emissions quickly and affordably.

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Check out our latest paper showing how water utilities are moving fast towards net zero,
practically and affordably.

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Learn more about the water sector's race to net zero:

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Learn about some of the strategies that are helping utilities reduce emissions.

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Towards a zero-carbon future

Read our previous paper on the technologies enabling utilities to reach net zero.

Mapping the route to water utility decarbonization

Hear from Xylem's Austin Alexander about the importance of decarbonization for the sector and the first steps utilties can take on their journey to net zero.

Mapping Water's Carbon Footprint

Read more about GWI's detailed model of global greenhouse gas emissions from water infrastructure in their recent white paper 'Mapping Water's Carbon Footprint'.