Finally, you can trust a single source for your wastewater needs.

When it comes to transporting residential wastewater safely, reliably and efficiently, you need all the right tools for the job. Fortunately, you can trust Goulds Water Technology, a highly respected brand that has proudly served water professionals for more than 170 years. Our complete portfolio of wastewater products offers:

  • Unprecedented durability
  • Superior seal strength
  • Proven designs
  • A wide range of horsepower

Plus, we provide outstanding support to our network of professional dealers, and we reward them through our industry leading Goulds Professional Dealers Association. So, choose blue for your wastewater needs. Contact the Goulds Water Technology experts for a demo.

Discover our complete, reliable, blue portfolio.

Our wastewater portfolio not only includes a full line of sump, effluent, sewage and grinder pumps covering a wide range of horsepower needs starting at 1/3 HP. It also includes a complete selection of high-quality panels and accessories, and a variety of basin kits and packages.



What is complete, reliable, blue?

Goulds Water Technology now offers a full portfolio of sump, effluent, sewage and grinder pumps, which covers a wide range of horsepower starting at 1/3 HP. That means you only need one wastewater partner.

Explore the Portfolio

Backed by Goulds Water Technology's 170-year-plus heritage, these powerful wastewater pumps are built to perform and last. They combine durable materials, superior seal technology and innovative designs.

Know our Expertise

The color of trust, responsibility and confidence, true blue is the signature color of the Goulds Water Technology Wastewater Portfolio. You know you have a quality wastewater pump if it's a blue wastewater pump.

Understand our Legacy

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