Our planet's water supplies are vitally connected to the world's critical resources — energy, labor, capital and food — and essential to the health of our global economy. As the United Nations World Water Assessment noted, "… Of all the social and natural crises we humans face, the water crisis is the one that lies at the heart of our survival and that of our planet earth."

At Xylem, we solve water. That means that we strive to understand the unique water challenges our customers face in all corners of the globe and provide effective, sustainable solutions for a water-secure future. That mission informs everything we do as a global water technology provider and as a company focused on advancing sustainable development.

Our Xylem colleagues understand our collective commitment to sustainability not as an abstract concept but as an urgent reality. Our solutions are being deployed right now in places where they can make a much-needed difference.

Drought-stricken California is a timely example. A major wastewater plant in Los Angeles is installing our unique water reuse solution as part of a project that will provide 12 million gallons per day of highly purified, recycled water to reduce dependency on imported potable water supplies. In India, our energy-efficient hydraulic pumps were chosen for the world's largest lift irrigation system, which will bring urgently needed water supplies to more than 3,000 villages and farms. And this year, we developed a new pH-sensing platform that monitors ocean acidification, which is one of the biggest threats facing marine life due to climate change. Our solution uses sophisticated optical sensors as well as calibration and validation systems to provide critical data to help better understand this threat to our oceans.​

While we continue to invest in innovation, we know that sustainable solutions exist today. Last fall, we published a research report that outlined how replacing older wastewater treatment equipment with readily available, energy-efficient technologies could cut related global electricity emissions in half. Furthermore, 95 percent of these emissions reductions can be achieved at a negative to neutral cost due to lower energy consumption. The result is a win-win scenario for our customers as well as the surrounding communities that are aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

We are committed to addressing global water issues with a sustainability mindset. It is ingrained in our business operations and our culture. This commitment serves as our compass as we execute our business objectives while helping customers and communities achieve more sustainable environments.

Visit our Sustainability Report.