• Environmental Monitoring & Sampling

    Multiparameter sondes, sampling handhelds,
    buoys & platforms, auto samplers, level guaging,
    flow, profiling and data acquistion

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  • Wastewater & Online Instruments

    Analyzers, process controllers, monitors,
    transmitters, sensors and electrodes

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  • Lab & Life Sciences

    Biochemistry analyzers, benchtop meters,
    colorimeters, GC systems, refractometers,
    polarimeters, titrators and TOC

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Xylem Analytics is part of Xylem Inc., a global company focused on solving the world’s most challenging and fundamental water issues. As accurate analysis is crucial to the water industry, Xylem Analytics taps its diverse product brands for leadership in quantitative and qualitative analysis, providing the best laboratory and field monitoring instrumentation across a wide variety of industries.

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New Products & Solutions

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde

EXO's dynamic range of smart sensors provides comprehensive multiparameter water quality data.

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High-Accuracy Digital Density Meter

The Bellingham + Stanley DSG Series Density Meters are designed with simplicity in mind. 

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WTW Spectral UV-Vis Color Sensors

WTW presents IQ spectral sensors for the continuous measurement of color in surface waters and sewage treatment plants - part of the IQ SENSOR NET System.

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Environmental Product Solutions

Environmental Product Solutions

Xylem Analytics serves a wide range of environmental industries including groundwater, surface water and ocean monitoring as well as aquaculture and agriculture. We are the industry leader in monitoring water quality, flow and level. To help our customers meet the multiple environmental challenges of water scarcity and diminished quality, flooding, and human health impacts, Xylem offers an ever-expanding offering of products, services and bundled data management and service packages.

Lab, Life Sciences, and Food & Beverage Instrumentation

Lab, Life Sciences, and Food & Beverage Instrumentation

Xylem Analytics plays an important role in the lab and life sciences arena as well as the Food & Beverage industry; directly measuring core water quality control parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, salt content and temperature within a laboratory environment that mirrors the natural habitat of mammalian cells, bacteria or fungi to enable successful mass cultivation for experimental or production reasons as well as for indirectly determining biomass.  

Wastewater & Process Monitors and Sensors

Wastewater & Process Monitors and Sensors

Xylem Analytics offers years of experience and reliable instruments, sensors, software and systems to solve and support processess for wastewater treatment facilities; including water resource recovery facilities, and compliance and process monitoring. Our leading brands, WTW and MJK, provide the technology to improve process efficiency while maintaining or reducing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.