Discover WTW’s comprehensive range of respirometers, simplifying microorganism measurement across water, wastewater, and soil samples. Our lineup boasts both anaerobic and aerobic versions, including the versatile OxiTop®-i IS 6 Respirometric BOD Measuring System. Whether you're working in oxygen-deprived environments or oxygen-rich conditions, our respirometers cater to your specific needs.

Respirometers function by monitoring the consumption of oxygen (or production of carbon dioxide) by microorganisms during organic matter decomposition. By measuring parameters such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), they provide invaluable insights into microbial activity and soil health. Additionally, our respirometers serve as effective soil CO2 sensors/readers, accurately assessing carbon dioxide levels in soil samples. Anaerobic models are tailored for environments lacking oxygen, such as anaerobic wastewater treatment processes, while aerobic versions excel in analyzing soil respiration in oxygen-rich settings.

With WTW, trust in reliable environmental analysis tailored to your unique requirements.

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