Industries and Applications

 Xylem Flojet serves a wide range of niche industries.

Sector marino

Los entornos marítimos son duros. El cierre no es una opción, de manera que los equipos seleccionados deben ser resistentes y de fiabilidad probada. La gama de productos de Xylem, junto con la experiencia de la empresa en ingeniería de procesos, proporciona soluciones energéticamente eficientes y, sobre todo, fiables.

Food & Beverage

With global population continuing to grow, feeding the world sustainably is a worldwide challenge. Water is at the center of this concern, as food production is the largest single consumer of water. Reducing the water footprint of food production is a central goal of the food and beverage industry. Xylem can assist in optimizing and managing every stage of a production facility’s water cycle. 



Xylem specializes in solutions for your raw water intakes and wastewater & storm water needs across a wide range of industries. Even though no two industrial water handling situations are the same, Xylem is a common denominator in the solutions. We combine dependable water management innovation with industry expertise to create custom industrial solutions for nearly all requirements.

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