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    Links, tools, and resources to help make your drop count in addressing urgent water challenges around the world.

As a Stakeholder


Join an existing volunteer event at a Xylem site near you, or work with your Xylem contacts to plan a new volunteer opportunity. Join us as we raise awareness of global water issues through our Walks for Water, protect water systems through trash clean-ups, and more!


Xylem Watermark is focused on educating communities about WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) and the value of water. Our volunteers use education programs to deliver important lessons about water and mobilize the next generation of water stewards.

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You can support our incredible nonprofit partners and the work they do around the world by donating through our Community Impact Portal. Support a water cause that you are passionate about, contribute to a disaster response effort, or choose a sponsorship opportunity.

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Innovate with us as we develop solutions addressing the needs of those living in base of pyramid markets, making less than $1-3 a day. As our partner, you'll create social & economic impact by bringing clean water, sanitation & agriculture technology to people without access.


Make Your Mark 30-Day Challenge

Each year, from World Water Day (March 22nd) to Earth Day (April 22nd), Xylem employees and stakeholders around the world come together for the Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge and share how they take part in solving global water issues. The Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge provides Xylem employees and stakeholders with an opportunity to get involved and make Watermark their own.


Xylem Watermark encourages our employees and stakeholders to take part in our signature Watermark activity- Plogging!  Plogging is a green fitness craze that started in Sweden which combines jogging or walking with picking up trash.  By picking up litter that often flows into storm drains and waterways, we are fighting ocean pollution one Plog at a time!  Participants go Plogging in groups or alone, and all they need are sneakers, gloves and a trashbag.

Disaster Preparedness Month

Xylem Watermark participates in humanitarian disaster response year-round by leveraging our technology, employees’ expertise, and global reach to provide assistance to communities affected by water related disasters. In August 2019, we are launching our first annual Disaster Preparedness Month. Xylem employees and stakeholders around the world will participate in educational events on disaster preparedness, and give back to their communities through disaster focused activities.

Global Month of Service

To commemorate Xylem’s anniversary in October, Xylem employees and stakeholders around the world come together to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need and to educate people about water issues during the annual Global Month of Service. From educating children on the water crisis to hosting walks for water to raise awareness of water issues, we are proving that Xylem and our partners make a difference in the places where we live and work.

As Employees


My Watermark is Xylem's online community that enables Xylem employees to:

  • Connect with colleagues to see how Xylem locations are supporting Xylem Watermark
  • Find volunteer opportunities to support water-related projects in their local communities
  • Track their personal impact on the global water crisis
  • Donate to support Xylem Watermark's nonprofit partners

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For questions about My Watermark, contact Xylem Watermark by emailing us at xylemwatermark@xyleminc.com, or download the MyWatermark User Guide.