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    Everything we make has been engineered to handle the harsh demands of a mine environment.

Water Management to Improve Mine Productivity

At a time when source water is at a premium, Xylem’s mining experts work with you to make sure your water dollars go further. We combine our extensive portfolio, smart technologies and superior field service capabilities to help you reduce water waste, minimize downtime and streamline mine operations for a highly efficient, safe and cost-effective mine.


Factors that boost mine production and system efficiency, reduce costs and enhanceSolutions_Productivity_BEP.jpg profit margins:

1. Are your pumps operating at their best efficiency point (BEP)?

Straying too far from a pump’s BEP leads to premature wear, higher energy
consumption, increased maintenance requirements, a reduction of overall
efficiency and as a result, more downtime.

2. Do you have a scheduled maintenance program in place?

Taking a proactive approach to protecting your assets provides the ideal solution for controlling maintenance costs while reducing unplanned failures and ensuring you remain in compliance with environmental, health, and safety requirements.

3. Do your critical pumps have a redundant system or back-up pump in place?

Utilizing condition monitoring equipment and having a back-up plan in place for your critical pumps ensures minimal disruption to your operation should a failure occur.

4. Are you leveraging smart technologies?

Smart technology solutions support efficient infrastructure that require minimum maintenance and allow for pump automation and remote monitoring.

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