Installation and Deployment

On Time, on Budget, on Scope

We work alongside your team to understand your processes, develop a schedule and manage the details of your installation and deployment projects. Regardless of the size or type of your business, your project manager is an expert partner who understands your unique requirements. Our experts will suggest industry-leading best practices to keep your project running smoothly including system integrations and the development of custom software.


Solution Deployment Services: End Points, Network, Software

Part-time or full-time, on-site or remote, your Sensus project manager is focused on making your projects a success. We’ll work with you to accommodate your timing and budget.

System Integration

With our integration experience including more than 200 third-party systems, ranging from billing systems and SCADA to work order management systems and GIS, we can create an integration solution for all your systems to seamlessly work together.

Custom Software Development

Our sensors, meters and devices, along with our FlexNet® communication network, deliver more data more often to optimize your utility operations. So, when it comes to sorting all this data into meaningful insights, who better to trust than us?

Data Analytics, with our intuitive and customizable suite of applications in Sensus Analytics, makes your data insights simple, relevant and actionable.

But, every service provider is faced with unique business challenges and operational complexities. To overcome these challenges, custom software may be required. With our many years of experience in software development and domain expertise, we can deliver custom applications to solve your biggest challenges.