Temporary Water Treatment for Overflows

Whether a permanant system has planned maintenance or there is an increased demand due to rainfall during the winter period, a number of pump stations often become over whelmed with this increase of surface water infiltrating the sewage system. The same scenario can apply to pump stations built purely to operate when the sewer is surcharged once the sewer starts overflowing it goes into the pump station and then level control pumped directly into a water course.

Engineered Solutions for Plug & Play water treatment

To mitigate the risk of flooding and ensure environmental consent levels are met, Xylem work closely with many customers to offer a solution that is both cost effective and kind to the environment.

Xylem’s treatment rental solutions can adapt to fit the customer solution. Typically this would include:

  • Pumping equipment to feed the desired flow to mitigate flooding
  • Mobile screening plant to filter/remove the solids and dispense into a skip for disposal
  • Washwater pumping system
  • Intermediate pumps to forward the cleaned liquor through the UV unit
  • Wedeco UV Reactor
  • Generator to power the solution
  • Control system to operate the solution
  • Remote monitoring where required

Other methods to address this challenge can be considered such as using diesel pumps, settlement tanks and sacks offerings to filter the solids prior to discharging into the local water course. Many of these are not always deemed environmentally friendly and the risk of pollution can be seen as increasing which the regulatory environmental bodies can reject this approach.

Rental solutions drive flexible operations

Xylem’s containerized UV and Ozone rental solutions allow you to:

  • Try the technology to ensure that they are fit for your needs and allow you to ascertain that the solution works as intended
  • Address production peaks by bridging the gap with our rental solutions while waiting for new equipment to be delivered
  • Respond immediately to combat the threat of microbial outbreaks
  • Bridge the gap during a planned or unplanned outage of your existing treatment and disinfection equipment on site
  • Optimize your OPEX spending profile by leveraging our rental solutions portfolio while also benefiting from our application expertise to go along with our latest treatment technology
Xylem helps customer with temporary enhanced water treatment using a Wedeco UV disinfection system.

Water companies have their work cut out in periods of drought. When coupled with lower periods of rainfall and warmer temperatures, people often increase their outdoor water usage, applying additional stress on groundwater levels.

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Learn how Xylem’s disinfection solutions can help address flood mitigation and ensure safe discharge

During the Winter period, increased rainfall often overwhelms pumping stations in the area, thus increasing the quantity of surface water infiltrating the the local sewage systems.

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Xylem supports municipal customer with an emergency temporary water treatment solution to prevent bacteria entering the sea.

Xylem helps customer when a fire breaks out in a control room of a treatment works destroying the switchgear which controlled the final stage
of the effluent treatment process – ultra-violet (UV) disinfection.

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