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Engineered and Turnkey Rental Solutions

Anybody can rent a pump, including us. What sets us apart is being the Original Equipment Manufacturer along with the depth of our experience, the breadth of our fleet, and our unrivaled ability to solve the biggest, most complex water challenges in the world.

Complex projects delivered end-to-end

At Xylem, we do more than renting only equipment. We offer in-depth application expertise to provide cost-effective, reliable, innovative solutions to even the most complex transient water challenges specific to your industry.


Xylem Rental Solutions pumps, mixers and other water and sludge handling systems can meet both temporary and long-term needs and are designed to irrigate every part of your field. With products that stand tough in the harshest environments, we listen, learn and adapt to your local environment, helping your agricultural operations thrive without interruption.

Commercial Buildings

Our fleet includes temporary wastewater, storm water, water pressure boosting, circulation and fire suppression systems for use in commercial buildings, including hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings and hospitals. Equipment is available in sound attenuated packages in consideration of occupants, patients, staff and students.


Digging ever-deeper tunnels, dealing with high water tables, repairing water main breaks and moving wastewater is part of the construction process. Whether open cut or in situ, Xylem Rental Solutions can meet both temporary and long-term needs for groundwater control, or draining storm waters from your site. With dependable products and services, you can rely on Xylem for: bentonite slurry pumping, emergency floodwater drainage, face and stage dewatering, jetting, site drainage, wellpoint dewatering, and sewage bypass.


Whether you’re building, maintaining or repairing, no other company offers a more versatile range of dewatering products than Xylem. We understand the battle you face on a daily basis to keep unwanted water off of your job site. You can count on Xylem Rental Solutions equipment for the duration of your dewatering needs with services and equipment, including remote monitoring and control, as well as a variety of hose, piping and valve offerings to meet your site specific suction and discharge configurations.


Whether you’re diverting a stream to bypass a work area or modifying the shape of a stream to control flow/velocity, Xylem Rental Solutions offers pumps to clear your path with minimal impact and create a safer work environment. We understand stream diversion projects and the challenges they can present like remote locations, the need for power supply and sound attenuated units for densely populated areas. We can also help you meet demanding specifications for low discharge velocities to avoid scouring, and remote monitoring of total suspended solids at your discharge locations. 

Food and Beverage

With global population continuing to grow, feeding the world sustainably is a worldwide challenge. As a leading OEM in the water industry, we deliver solutions covering the entire water cycle that are energy efficient, reliable and tailored for your unique challenges in the food & beverage industry.


We specialize in solutions for your raw water intakes, wastewater, and storm water needs across a wide range of industries. Xylem Rental Solutions offers temporary or long-term rental equipment for your industrial needs including: hydrostatic testing, lift station backup pumping, storm and process sewer bypass, process water supply, intake inspections, zebra mussel removal, cooling tower supply and circulation, basin ballasting, sludge removal, slurry tailings removal, and temporary fire protection.


Marine environments are harsh. Shutting down is not an option, so the equipment selected must be rugged and proven reliable. Xylem Rental Solutions equipment, paired with process engineering expertise, provides solutions that are energy efficient, effective, and most of all, reliable. Our temporary equipment can be used for: barge ballasting, jetting, temporary fire protection, vessel dewatering, and recovery.  


From open pit and underground, to face and stage dewatering, to slurry tailings removal to camp and process water supply, Xylem Rental Solutions has the right product and application support to help you efficiently and reliably manage the water challenges associated with all types of mining all over the Americas.


Whether you require floodwater removal, lift station backup pumping or a sewer bypass, Xylem Rental Solutions has the equipment you need. From the basic to the complex, we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of all sizes and types of water and wastewater management solutions for your distribution or collection system. We also offer unique rental remote monitoring and controls that are compatible with your SCADA systems.

Oil & Gas

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, we understand that water is a critical and costly input to the oil and gas industries. Xylem Rental Solutions offers both temporary and long-term rental equipment for: drill rig water supply, hydrostatic testing, pipeline pigging, product transfers in refineries, temporary cooling and process water pumps, fire protection systems, pipeline anomaly and corrosion repair dewatering, and pipeline crossing diversions of any size – with the ability to remotely monitor and control all of Xylem’s rental assets on your project.

Power Utilities

We understand that power plants require reliable flows for cooling water, raw water intakes, condensation, auxiliary water, makeup water, and temporary fire protection systems. We also understand that pump failure is not an option as it can lead to power plant shutdowns. Whether you’re facing a planned outage or require emergency response, Xylem Rental Solutions has the equipment and experience to assist in keeping your assets on line and manage environmental impact. Xylem Rental Solutions can also help you meet demanding specifications for low discharge velocities to avoid scouring, and remote monitoring of total suspended solids at your discharge locations.

Pulp & Paper

Water is crucial to pulp and paper manufacturing. And regardless of your mill’s water footprint, our industrial experts will help you optimize each aspect of the water cycle. We can integrate your operations from influent to process water to reuse – and everything in between – to reduce costs, better protect the environment and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.


Whether you’re tunneling for utilities or transportation projects, dealing with groundwater, repairing and relocating existing utilities is part of the construction process. Xylem Rental Solutions provides exceptional value for managing surface and groundwater, or removing storm water from your site. With dependable products and experienced field service, you can rely on us for: slurry pumping, emergency floodwater drainage, face and stage dewatering, jetting, wellpoint dewatering, mud recycling and sewage bypass.