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0-5V Analog Sensor for SeaGuard Applications

The Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4112 is an 0-5V analog sensor designed for SeaGuard applications. The sensor fits directly onto the SeaGuard Top end Plate using one of the four analog channels.


Product Features
  • Optically confined sensing volume
  • Insensitive to ambient light when under water
  • Linear output over more than 5 decades
  • 4 selectable ranges
  • Optic feedback compensated for temperature drift and aging of optical components
  • Very low offset voltage does not require adjustment
  • Very low power requirements
  • Maximum depth range 6000 meter

The Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4112 is based on the Seapoint Turbidity Meter. The sensor detects light scattered by particles suspended in water.

This measurement is known to have a good correlation to the amount of suspended matter in water and can be used to monitor e.g. sediment, algae or particle pollution. The sensor generates an output voltage proportional to the turbidity or suspended solids.

The low power consumption makes it ideal for applications where battery drain is a concern. The sensor offset voltage is within 1mV of zero and requires no adjustment across gains. The unique optical design confines the sensing volume to within 5cm of the sensor allowing near-bottom measurements and minimizing errant reflections in restricted spaces.

Aanderaa Turbidity Sensor 4112 can be mounted directly on the topend plate of the Aanderaa SeaGuard, or on cable connected to SeaGuard or SmartGuard Datalogger. The sensor output is analog, and output from SeaGuard is in engineering units (FTU).


  • Pollution monitoring
  • Water and waste water quality
  • Sediment transport
  • Ocean profiling
  • River and stream monitoring


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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