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Self Recording Instrument with SD Storage

SEAGUARD® Recorder Platforms provide the user with the possibility to perform long term monitoring of sea and inland water using the latest technology for measurement.

The Aanderaa SeaGuard Platform is the main module of our Underwater Observatory which utilizes Aanderaas' SEAGUARD® Recording Current Meter, SEAGUARD® CTD Recorder, SEAGUARD® Water Level Recorder, SEAGUARD® Oxygen Recorder and SEAGUARD® Wave and Tide Recorder 

Product Features
  • Great flexibility: data registration from up to 20 sensors
  • High resolution and low drift
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Selectable interval from 2 seconds to 2 hours
  • SeaGuard Studio visualization software
  • Real-Time XML Output on RS-422(optional)
  • Windows CE based Datalogger with TFT colour touch panel for configuration
  • For use in sea and fresh water
  • 300m/3000m/6000m version
  • Smart sensor topology based on a reliable CANbus interface (AiCaP)
  • Available sensors: Z-Pulse Doppler current sensor, Temperature, Oxygen optode, Conductivity, Pressure, Wave and Tide
  • Up to 4 Analog sensor input (0-5V), e.g. Turbidity

Aanderaa SeaGuard Platform is a self recording instrument with storage on SD card. Storage capacity is more than adequate for any practical applications. The instrument is delivered with pressure case.

The SeaGuard Platform and the Aanderaa Smart sensors are interfaced by means of a reliable CANbus protocol (AiCaP), using XML for plug and play capabilities. The smart sensors can be mounted directly on the Top-end Plate or connected via cable to an Aanderaa SeaGuard Platform. During power-up, each of the sensors that are connected to the bus will report their capabilities and specifications to the Datalogger. The Datalogger then assembles the information and provides the user with the possibility to configure the instrument based on the present nodes. Since all calibration and temperature compensation data are stored inside the sensor, the parameters are by default presented directly in engineering units without any external calculation.

Six sensors can be fitted onto the Top-end Plate of the Platform; four of which can be analog (0 - 5V) sensors.

The SeaGuard Platform has 2 Battery Compartments for long deployment time; the AiCaP CANbus based protocol ensures low power consumption.

Ouput parameters from the SeaGuard Platform are easily presented in SeaGuard Studio and can be used with Aanderaa Real-time Collector for real-time data.

The SeaGuard Platform can be configured to suit your requirements and applications and can be deployed in an In-line string mooring, fixed bottom frame mooring, buoy deployment and ong term/short term deployment.

SEAGUARD® Platform - Available Options

  • SeaGuard Platform SW - 300m
  • SeaGuard Platform IW - 3000m
  • SeaGuard Platform DW - 6000m




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