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4117, 4425, 4426, 4427
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Aanderaa Water Pressure and Temperature Sensor

The Aanderaa Pressure Sensor is a compact fully integrated intelligent sensor for measuring water pressure level and water temperature. The sensor is designed for use on Aanderaa Data Instruments dataloggers as well as in other measuring systems.

Product Features
  • Smart Sensor technology - plug and play
  • Calibration coefficients are stored in the sensor
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Low current drain
  • Depth rating of 6000 meters
  • Direct readout of engineering data
  • Output parameters: Pressure, Temperature
  • Selectable interval from 1 second to 255 minutes
  • Use with Aanderaa dataloggers
  • Use as stand-alone sensor
  • Output formats 4117: AiCaP CANbus, RS-232
  • Output format 4117R:RS-422
  • Up to 60MPa range

In most measuring systems used in the sea, pressure is a vital parameter. For moored instruments the pressure can be used for determining the actual depth of the instrument. For instrumentation on the seabed the pressure can be used for deriving water level. The pressure is also vital when deriving other parameters as density and speed of sound.

The Aanderaa Pressure Sensor is a compact fully integrated intelligent sensor for measuring the pressure level and the water temperature.

The pressure sensors are based on a silicon piezoresistive bridge sampled and temperature compensated by an advanced Digital Signal Processor. Since all calibration and temperature compensation data is stored internally,pressure can be presented directly in engineering units without any external calculation. The range on both SR10 outputs is user configurable, i.e. confine the range to get optimal resolution.

The Aanderaa Pressure Sensor is also available in a vented version. This means that the sensor is automatically compensated for air pressure. This is done by use of a compensating unit placed in air and an air-pipe in the cable between the sensor and compensating unit.

Pressure Sensor Selection Guide

  4117/4117R 4425/4426/4427 4425R/4426R/4427R
Shallow Water X X X
Intermediate Water X    
Deep Water X    
Used with SeaGuard X    
Real-time RS-232 output X X  
Real-time RS-422 output X   X
Vented sensor with automatic compensaton for air pressure   X X






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