Die Stadt South Bend spart 400 Millionen Dollar an Investitionsausgaben durch 70% Verringerung der Mischwasserabschläge.

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Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua: Optimierung der Entscheidungsfindung. Modernisierung des Betriebsmanagements. Vereinfachung der digitalen Transformation.

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Xylem Digital Solutions deliver insights to help you transform your utility

A suite of solutions that deliver real-time digital insights to help you understand system behavior, predict system performance and proactively manage change to find remarkable cost savings and new levels of efficiency.

Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization

A visualization and decision support system that integrates real-time sensor data, system-level capacity and forecasts to optimize the utilization of the hydraulic capacity in wastewater networks. 

  • Increase hydraulic capacity while minimizing the need for capital improvements and investment
  • Achieve and demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Improve levels of service and customer satisfaction with better system visibility and control

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Xylem Treatment System Optimization

A real-time digital monitoring and modeling solution that marries input data and plant models to provide analysis, insight and control so plant managers can visualize, optimize and manage their treatment plant operations to deliver better results at optimized cost and effort.

  • More efficiently monitor and manage energy and chemical usage
  • Identify influent changes and adjust operations accordingly
  • Accurately predict future operating conditions
  • Increase recognition of plant operational issues and reduce response times

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Xylem Water Loss Management

A data-source agnostic monitoring and sensing platform that brings together leak, burst and pressure transient detection with DMA monitoring and water balance calculations in a single user-experience so utilities can reduce lost water and improve operational efficiency.

  • Identify leaks more quickly and accurately
  • Reduce pipe stress to prolong asset life
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Prioritize leak detection surveys in DMAs

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Xylem Revenue Locator

A subscription-based software platform using machine learning and analytics to provide utilities with data-driven operational guidance to prioritize field maintenance activities, implement efficient meter testing and replacement programs, and maximize revenue recovery.

  • Create a prioritized meter investigation and replacement plan
  • Reduce random sampling and meter testing
  • Avoid premature meter replacement
  • Track impact of actions on apparent loss
  • Reduce time and money associated with work orders

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Xylem Asset Performance Optimization

Asset risk analytics and planning support services that apply cutting-edge analytics to help utilities significantly reduce failures and make informed, data-driven decisions on asset reliability and pipe prioritization in water distribution systems. Supported and delivered by industry and technical experts, output data and intervention recommendations can be accessed in an Esri-based web viewer.

  • Reduce water main breaks by understanding current and future asset risk levels
  • Increase CapEx and OpEx efficiency by prioritizing asset intervention on the most critical assets
  • Free up valuable resources for other projects
  • Improve levels customer satisfaction with fewer service interruptions

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