We've made some changes to Xylem Online (XOL)!

You may have noticed some recent upgrades to your Xylem Online (XOL) interface. Xylem Online is the selection, configuration, and pricing tool for a handful of Xylem’s products, including Vertical Turbine Pumps.

Our Xylem Vertical Turbine applications teams have been working in the new interface for a couple of months now, in order to beta test this new release. We realize that even the most universally celebrated software’s are always a work-in-progress and that there will certainly be more XOL advancements to follow, but we’re really pleased with the updates so far and very excited to share these improvements with all of our users.

Below you can learn about these exciting new changes, including:

  • What do I need to do in order to see these changes properly?
  • Will this update affect my existing quotes?
  • Where can I access XOL training or request help?
  • What advancements or corrections were made in this release?

What do I need to do in order to see these changes properly? 

In order to see these new updates properly, please follow the instructions below:
We recommend you use Google Chrome as your browser. In your Google Chrome settings menu (in the advanced section of “Clear browsing data”) clear the following items: 

  • Cookies and other site date
  • Cached images and files
  • Content settings
  • Hosted app data

Will this update affect my existing quotes?

Users will be able to pull up the configuration of any quote created prior to July 9th, 2018 by clicking on the reconfigure button. The user will be able to make updates within the previous XOL interface and resave the quote with modifications.
All new items added to any quote will utilize the new XOL interface.

Where can I access XOL training or request help?

To see an online demonstration in the new XOL interface, click here. Once you register for this recorded training, you will have immediate access. The training will cover multiple topics. See below for what is covered.

If you need additional help with selection and configuration, please contact your Xylem Territory Sales Manager or your Vertical Turbine factory application engineer. For help with log-in, settings, or program related issues that you would like to report, please reach out to smartsupport@xyleminc.com or call +1-855-995-7877.

XOL Vertical Turbine Training/Demonstration Topics

  • How to adjust your computer settings to meet XOL system requirements
  • New user registration and signing in
  • How to start a new quote and adding an item to it
  • Selecting a pump, including
    • adding multiple design points
    • selecting special features like Low NPSH, Open, or Long Lateral models
    • making curve comparisons
    • adjusting a curve multiple pumps, multispeed, stage/trim/speed adjustments
  • Steps to configure of vertical turbine pumps, including the bowl, column, and discharge assemblies, as well as a motor.
  • Configuration steps for adding coating and testing
  • Adding misc. or non-cataloged “special” items
  • Reviewing hydraulic, dimensional, and cross-sectional details
  • Adjusting pricing using multipliers and mark-ups
  • How to handle “On Request Pricing” (ORP) items
  • How to share a quote with the factory or others
  • Replicating a quote or line item within a quote
  • Creating quote documents, and what’s documents are included

What advancements or corrections were made in this release?

• New look-and-feel, utilizing the full available screen space.
• Platform upgrade allowing programmers to more quickly and easily address future issues.

Selection Screens
• User can customize profile for units of measure and other choices.
• “Selection Overview” section in the left margin.
• Data entry fields are larger and easier to use.
• “Operating Conditions” allows input of elevation and submergence to control the preliminary NPSHa calculations. The calculations are refined as the configuration progresses.
• User can add many “Additional Design Points” to be plotted on the Performance Curve
• User can enter Manual Derates or select bowl and impeller material for automatic derates.
• User can customize the columns shown in the table of possible models.
• User can “Pin” several columns when the table is paged over to the right.
• User can select up to 4 models for a side-by-side comparison of Hydraulic Data.
• The Hydraulic Data is displayed in a logical order and grouped into sections.
• User can filter for Low NPSH, or Open Impellers, or Long Lateral after the list of models is generated.

• Missing data and constraint issues are listed in detail in the left margin.
• Hoovering the cursor over an issue will give a detailed message of the issue.
• The user can click on an issue and be re-directed to the correct area to fix.
• The input fields are larger and are controlled with tabs along the top of the page.
• Special Features that are entered carry the user entered description to the Quote Docs.
• The price detail sheet shows each component of the pricing, and does not show unused options.
• Many of the options that could only be entered in “Selection” can be entered in the “Performance Tab” in the Configurator.
• The Hydraulic Data is now shown for Shut Off, Design, and Run Out.
• The Hydraulic Data is shown in a logical order and is grouped in sections below each tab.

• The Outline and Cross Sectional Drawings are larger and clearer.
• The user has greater control of the document package.
• The Price Detail is completely broken out in the Documents.
• The Hydraulic Data at Shut Off, Design, and Run Out is shown logically in the Documents.

Xylem Online (XOL)

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