Density Meters

What is a density meter?

Xylem’s digital density meters are measuring tools designed to assess densities of liquids for a variety of industries and applications, which include:

Analysis, batch testing, and production control for Pharmaceutical functions

  • Precise measurements of volatile compounds for Industrial functions
  • Density and quality control for Food & Beverage functions
  • Ethanol volume/weight and quality control for Alcohol functions

How do density meters work?

Xylem’s density meters use oscillating U-tubes to measure the density of the sample. The DSG series digital density meters include a reference oscillator for enhanced drift protection, guaranteeing precise, reliable and timely results.

What are other names for density meters?

Density meters may also be known under different names. A few other names for density meters are:

  • Specific Gravity Meters
  • Densimeter
  • U-tube densitometer 


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