Our Integrated Solutions Let You Take Full Control of Your Project

Our Integrated Solutions Let You Take Full Control of Your Project

In our industry, being a "control freak" can be a very good thing.

When it comes to temporary dewatering and bypass projects, you want as much control over your rental equipment and as much insight into its performance as possible. Flying blind – or in this case "pumping blind" – can only lead to problems.

At Xylem, you have a one-stop shop with everything you need to unleash your inner control freak:

  • A full range of Godwin and Flygt brand rental pumps for dewatering and bypass projects … for use in almost any industry from marine to mining … for handling all types and quantities of fluid from seawater to sludge … and for submersible and above-ground applications.
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) that automatically vary pump motor speeds to increase the pump's efficiency and lead to substantial energy savings ... and that monitor additional motor conditions such torque, voltage, current and power to mitigate the damaging effects of "water hammer" pressure surges that can occur at startup or shutdown of electric-powered pumps. 
  • Monitoring and control  panels that provide pump operators with continuous, real-time data from the VFDs … and can also be connected to pump sensors, flow meters and level transducers to give even more transparency about how well the system is working. 
  • Experts – inside our company and within our distributor network – to help you put all these pieces together into a system that best serves the project needs.

When you partner with Xylem, not only can you rent best-in-class pumping equipment with monitoring and control panels, but you'll also have access to our skilled engineers, product experts and service technicians to keep your operations running.


Recently, a wastewater treatment plant in Colorado tapped into every part of our Xylem one-stop shop to complete a tricky bypass operation. To accommodate an expansion and renovation project, this plant needed to build a temporary bypass system that could safely and efficiently move up to 128 million gallons of wastewater per day.

When we got the project specifications, we began working with Wagner Rents, our Godwin and Flygt distributor in Colorado, to design the best possible rental bypass solution. As we dug deeper into the project, we uncovered one potential issue after another and came up with pumping and power designs to address them.

Our proposed solution included VFDs and advanced remote monitoring and control panels. And our engineering team came up with a custom SCADA system that connected all six VFDs, pumps sensors, flow meters and level transducers. This would allow us to aggregate all the data and integrate it with the customer's own SCADA system – giving operators a quick and reliable way to check whether each part of the system was running smoothly for the duration of the bypass operation.

In every important way, our temporary bypass system mirrored the plant's permanent site. Once we got the contract, we were up and running quickly, and the customer ran our bypass system 24/7 for six months straight without an issue until the treatment plant could return to normal operations.

Unmatched Expertise

That's our calling card – Pumps for Rent, Expertise Included. We don't win jobs and then hope they go well; we make it happen. Our people understand pumps, VFDs, monitors and controls better than anyone else because we design and build them ourselves. We bring unmatched expertise – through our sales teams, application engineers and distributors – to the table whether you are renting or purchasing equipment.

And we listen, learn and adapt to the local environment, delivering the best possible customized and integrated designs that meet project needs. In this way, we allow customers to return to their role as control freaks who can run their temporary dewatering and bypass projects with as much insight, authority and confidence as they bring to their permanent installations.

by Michael J. Delzingaro