Essence of Life

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Essence of Life Program Brochure​

Xylem’s “Essence of Life” is a sustainable business model with potentially game-changing benefits for the populations at the base of the economic pyramid – as well as for the large array of NGO and other citizen-sector organizations supporting these rural communities. Read more about this strategy in this brochure.


Saajhi Stepping Pump Product Overview​

Created through a robust rural voice of customer execution, Xylem’s “Saajhi” pump, Hindi for ”partnership,” represents the first product in our planned Essence of Life portfolio. Now available to the market, read more about this innovative product in this brochure.


Essence of Life Whitepaper ​

Xylem takes academics to action in the deployment of our Essence of Life business model, driving shared value between our hybrid value chain partners and our rural customers. Read all about this exciting execution in this white paper, recently presented in both India and the Philippines.


Saahji Stepping Pump Whitepaper​ ​

Smallholder farmers are customers of agriculture; customers that are seeking products, services and training  to help them improve their business, which is to produce the highest crop yields possible each year.  Read how Xylem is fielding innovative products and channel strategies to drive enterprise growth in rural communities.


 XyDial™ Reference Sheet​​

Would you like to harness the power of the sun? Look no further, it’s now in the palm of your hand. With XyDial™ you can maximize how you use the sun, whether installing solar panels, locating a pool or garden or even determining window placement for your home or office. Read about this exciting new app in the attached reference sheet.