• October is our annual Global Month of Service.

    We are taking action on our 2025 sustainability goals and promoting ways to live our mission through community engagement and volunteering. Join us!

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  • Learn. Prepare. Share.

    This September, join Xylem Watermark's Disaster Response Campaign and take action protect yourself and your community. Learn more. 

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  • Community: Xylem Watermark in Action

    When we solve water for our customers, we're solving so much more.  Our 2019 Sustainability Report shows how we work to solve water. 

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  • Xylem Watermark launches partnership with UNICEF

    Xylem Watermark to support UNICEF's efforts to combat COVID-19, focusing on safe water access, and infection prevention & control

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  • Caring for the heart and soul through music

    Xylem Watermark supports local healthcare community and musicians in New Orleans

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  • Grants program extended to external partners

    Xylem Watermark unites partners and nonprofit organizations to provide help to COVID-19 front-line responses in their communities

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  • Thank you to our partners for their collaboration

    Xylem Watermark's stakeholders deliver protective face shields to healthcare facilities

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Watermark is Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program. Our mission is to provide education and access to safe water to ensure healthy lives, gender equality, and resilient communities.


Xylem Watermark is working to solve water.

In pursuit of this mission, we work with nonprofit partners on sustainable development projects that provide education and protect safe water resources for communities around the world.

We encourage employees and stakeholders to take action to address global water challenges by volunteering their time, providing pro-bono skilled expertise, donating in-kind technology and product, and making corporate matched monetary donations.

We innovate with nonprofits and stakeholders to provide programmatic community interventions with a focus on water and sanitation education and access.

The water crisis is too big for any one organization to solve alone.

Let’s Solve Water. Together.


Raise awareness of global water issues


Deliver important lessons about water

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Support water causes through our nonprofit partners

Donate Today!


Develop solutions that bring clean water

Global Nonprofit PARTNERS

Through Xylem Watermark, Xylem works with best-in-class nonprofits to address the full spectrum of water challenges by providing financial support, water technology, and sanitation and hygiene education. Xylem Watermark delivers sustainable solutions, combining community-based interventions with regular monitoring to ensure projects meet local water needs.


Improve health outcomes around the world through WASH education, health facility infrastructure improvements, and disaster response.


Expand access to WASH education through community health programs, youth engagement, and the support of sustainable programming.

Engineers Without Borders

Engage skilled employee volunteers in water & sanitation engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs.

Manchester City Football Foundation

Developing young leaders through football and community outreach programs that promote WASH.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Inspiring the next generation of STEM professional and water stewards to develop innovative solutions to water challenges.

Planet Water

Building innovative water towers to provide clean water and WASH education to schools and communities in South East Asia.

Mercy Corps

Protecting clean water through disaster risk reduction and responding to water-related emergencies around the world.

Earth Echo International

Organizing the World Water Monitoring Challenge™ to build awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world.


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