SSO Contingency Plans are Simple, Smart and Free Stress Reducers

During the past few months, I've dedicated a number of my blogs to the topic of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). You can click here to revisit them and learn the signs that you might be at risk for these raw sewage overflows, the top three reasons SSOs happen and the troubling weather trends that indicate they are going to keep occurring even more often than they do today.

In each case, I recommended working with Xylem Rental Solutions to create your free SSO contingency plan. A sanitary sewer overflow is a pressure-packed situation that calls for quick thinking and action, and these contingency plans help lower the stress levels by giving you a head start on your emergency mitigation efforts.

This really is a simple case of fixing your roof before it starts raining. There's nothing overly complicated or time-consuming about creating one of these contingency plans. Working with our Xylem experts, you'll put down on paper the basics of what you need, so you can move quickly to contain an SSO when it occurs.

Click here to see a sample contingency plan for a pump station at a fictitious Municipal Water Authority.

The first thing you'll notice is that it is an easy read. In five pages, it provides an overview of the pump station normal operating mode, and then it lists:

  • Site conditions and access information
  • Equipment your community needs to mitigate an SSO
  • Directions to your location and a designated meeting place during the SSO situation
  • 24/7 contact info for your Xylem emergency team

Once the contingency plan is complete, keep it in a safe place and add your Xylem emergency contacts to your cell phone, so you can reach them right away should the unthinkable become the unavoidable.

Creating this type of plan is nothing you couldn't do yourself, but it's one of those things that we all promise to do tomorrow – and tomorrow never comes. With a simple phone call to Xylem, our team of experts will make it happen.

It's a free service that frees you up from some of the stress associated with SSOs – and will help you mitigate your next SSO as quickly as possible. 

by Michael J. Delzingaro