Data Analytics

Making Your Meter Data Insights Simple, Relevant and Actionable

This is analytics without intimidation

With Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SCADA and other systems, utilities are receiving thousands of times the data compared to just a few years ago. Right now, data is likely flooding your business in massive bursts. No doubt, collecting it all quickly and effectively in an MDM is a top priority. Equally important is what you learn from that data. Analyzing all available information is the best way to optimize your systems and make the most of your investment. What’s more, finding the right insights into your operations can help improve everything from process efficiency, to customer service, to improving bottom line revenue.

Our solution: Right-sized analytics

Some utilities need an MDM for simple but accurate data collection, management and reporting. Some utilities are ready for advanced analytics tools to make data-driven decisions on important issues such as preventative maintenance, leak detection or outage management. No matter how basic or complex your needs are, Sensus Analytics is the right size for you. Only buy the apps you need. When you’re ready for what’s next, it’s quick and easy to add more apps. 

  • Modular suite of data analytics software applications
  • Flexible and affordable for today, scalable for tomorrow
  • Designed by utility experts for utilities
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Train in hours, not days
  • Integration ready
  • Secure by design

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Benefits to you

  • Enables deeper, more accurate insight into operations
  • Predicts conditions intelligently
  • Improves decision making quality and speed
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces IT and operational costs
  • Speeds time to market for new software

Core applications for all types of utilities

Solution-specific applications