Recreational Boats

When out to sea, boat owners demand products that are reliable and durable — especially during the most demanding types of weather and work.

Xylem’s reputation is watertight, with more than 70 years serving the marine industry. ​We provide the following quality products for recreational boats and small workboats — engineered to help keep owners comfortable and safe:


  • Water pressure systems that provide all the convenience of your “at home” water supply
  • Bilge pumping systems including automatic and non-automatic, self-priming, manual bilge pumps, and bilge switches and controls
  • Submersible and inline pumps and kits for pumping bilge water from deck showers, general wash-down or water and diesel transfer
  • Livewell pumps and systems to keep bait and catch alive and healthy
  • Circulation pumps for low-pressure circulation applications such as marine central heating and ballast transfer
  • Sink and shower drain pumps with simple yet robust design and powerful flow rates
  • General purpose pumps for every purpose including deck-wash, diesel fuel transfer and oil change, engine cooling and flexible impeller pumps

Marine accessories:

  • Toilet and waste systems to keep marinas clean and free from waste
  • Marine blowers designed for efficient, high-output to keep fumes and odors at bay
  • Searchlights and floodlights for boats, RVs and other applications to improve your operations at night
  • Wind- and water-powered generators designed to run at low rotational speeds for quietness, safety and minimal wear