FlexNet for Water


How can data make water utilities smarter?

Working with smart meters and sensors, the FlexNet® communication network securely transmits and receives water distribution data. The Sensus two-way network lets you collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently…making YOU and YOUR customer smarter at every point.



Identify non-revenue water

The first step in detecting leaks and water loss is ensuring accurate meter readings. From water leaks to unmetered water and inaccurate billing, we offer a range of metering, measurement, communications and analytics solutions to improve the health and accuracy of your water system.

Sources of non-revenue water loss:

  • Leaks
  • Unbilled consumption & meter inaccuracy
  • Theft and tampering
  • Unmetered consumption

Receive data on demand

It is increasingly important to have the ability to process data faster and in time for insights to matter. FlexNet ensures the consistent and accurate delivery of customer usage data and lets you request data on demand. The FlexNet communication network securely and reliably transmits data on the industry’s only private, storm-hardened network. Our two-way, private network means you’ll never have to share radio frequencies.

Turn service on and off remotely

Sensus metering technology combined with our FlexNet communication network gives you remote management and control of your water distribution system. Turn service on and off remotely, conduct on-demand readings and identify non-revenue water to boost operational efficiency and improve customer service.


flexnet-for-water-alarms.jpgGet smart water alarms

FlexNet communication network sends alerts to you when an event occurs—making you smarter at every point. Sensus works with you to manage your water system enabling you to address problems in the field faster and provide better service to your customers.


FlexNet communication network


  • No frequency sharing, no interference
  • Two-way communication network
  • 20M end points deployed


  • Transmits up to two watts
  • More data, more often
  • 500+ AMI customers supported


  • Private, licensed spectrum
  • Direct connection – no hops
  • Easily add new applications

FlexNet Resource Center

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