Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems & Solutions

Xylem offers a portfolio of products and systems designed to effectively meet the demands and challenges of treating water and wastewater. From smarter aeration to advanced filtration to chemical-free disinfection, Xylem's experts evaluate the varying needs of customers and help them find the right solutions for their application.

Wastewater Aeration Equipment

Aeration helps provide an aerobic environment for microbial degradation of organic matter

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Treat wastewater biologically using sequencing batch reactors (SBR), membrane bioreactors


Clarification, sedimentation or flotation, are physical water treatment processes

Water Disinfection Systems & Wastewater Treatment

Chemical-free, environmentally-friendly disinfection and oxidation systems

Water & Wastewater Filtration Systems

Filtration is the mechanical or physical operation which is used for separation of solids

Sludge Collection

Many sedimentation systems accumulate sludge. This creates challenges for plant operators.

Monitoring & Control Equipment

Monitoring and control products help you remain in full control