Flygt 2600 Series Flygt Sludge 2620

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Product Features
  • Plug-in seal that's easy to fit and service
  • Water tight terminal board to reduce the risk for consequential damage
  • Interchangeable hydraulic ends on the 2600 series allow for changing application requirements
  • Vortex hydraulics with larger through-let allows larger particles to be pumped

Pump higher concentrations and larger particles without clogging

The Flygt Sludge 2620 pump is designed for reliability with innovations that reduce wear on the impeller and seal. With Flygt, you’ve got a pump that just keeps pumping, no matter what and in even the harshest conditions.

Built on the Flygt 2600 series platform, these portable pumps tackle the tough challenge of moving sludge and other heavy liquids with ease ... without clogging. These compact solids-handling pumps feature a high-chrome vortex impeller that enables large solids and solids concentrations of approximately 20% by weight to pass easily through the system.

Reduce your service costs

You expect a lot from your sludge pumps and dewatering systems. You want to spend as little time as possible servicing your pumps. 

But when service is needed, we've simplified the process so you can get back on line as fast as possible. The Flygt Sludge 2620 pump includes a plug-in seal to make service easy. 

The Flygt 2600 series pumps were designed for simplicity and durability. The 2600 sludge pumps are built on the same 2600 series drainage pump platform so they share many components, which means less parts in your inventory.  Once you learn to service one pump in the series, you’ll know them all. 



Genuine Parts

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

  • All parts needed to overhaul a Flygt pump drive unit
  • Minimize delays due to missing parts
  • Lower price compared to purchasing parts separately
  • Stocked at Xylem Distribution Centers for direct and fast delivery
  • Simpler handling and administration
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools