Flygt 2000 Series Flygt 2201

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Product Features
  • Material Versions include Aluminum, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Characteristics: LT, MT-V, MT-H, HT, SH
  • Impeller – Semi open or Closed
  • Duraspin
  • Trim Screw
  • Spin Out
  • Wear material, Nitrile or Polyurethane
  • SH-version Dualstage

Proven drainage pump for the mining industry

The Flygt 2201 pump leverages the world-famous BIBO pump design and has been serving the mining industry for decades. It is a robust and reliable pump.

Wear Resistance

Specially designed semi-open Hard-Iron™ impellers or closed impellers with Dura Spin impellers (60 HRC) provide the best combination of clogging and wear resistance.

A hydraulic system with the Flygt Spin-Out™ design reduces the amount of abrasives in the seal cavity by using traditional double-mechanical seals made of Tungsten carbide. These features give you a pump that you can place in your sump and then forget about.

Improved Service

Conical shaft trim screw in combination with Dura Spin impellers and an improved cable entrance facilitates service and extends the pump life span.


Still extremely robust and reliable, aluminum light-weight pumps were made for easy handling and mobility. Tough enough to handle demanding mining applications with abrasive liquids.

Cast Iron

Cast iron made for extremely robust and reliable pumps; tough enough to handle both abrasives laden liquids and water containing chlorides.


The cast iron series pumps are available in explosion-proof versions according to ATEX and MSHA regulations



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