Flygt 2000 Series Flygt 2125 - Cast Iron

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Product Features
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Cast iron version for use in chemically aggressive applications and sea water (zinc anodes must be used) 
  • Explosion-proof versions available

Reliable pumping power for decades

The Flygt 2000 pump family has been around for decades, and it is pumps like the 2125 that built its reputation for reliability and versatility. Built to last and equipped with optimized geometries, the 2125 has a rugged design that can handle nearly anything thrown at it.

Versatility in applications

For extreme conditions, Xylem has a solution. The 2125 is also available in an explosion-proof version.




QD Pipe & Fittings

  • High tensile strength hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Quick disconnect (QD) coupling system​
  • 2" to 12" pipe, fittings, and adapters available

Rafts & Stands

  • Light-weight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pontoons
  • Used for a wide range of applications in mines, quarries, construction sites, sewage and industrial plants
  • Available for almost all Flygt pump models

Tandem Connections

  •   Connects two or more pumps in series for extra high-head operation
  •   Available for Flygt 2000 or 2600 series BS version pumps
  •   Allows hose and pipe connections

Genuine Parts

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

  • All parts needed to overhaul a Flygt pump drive unit
  • Minimize delays due to missing parts
  • Lower price compared to purchasing parts separately
  • Stocked at Xylem Distribution Centers for direct and fast delivery
  • Simpler handling and administration

Flygt Wear Kits

  • Minimize downtime
  • Easy access to all critical parts for the most common Flygt dewatering pump repairs 
  • Lower cost than buying individual replacement parts 
  • Simplify spare parts management 
  • Facilitate combination of kits for extensive repairs
  • Only include wear-resistant genuine Flygt Parts for long-lasting performance

Flygt Stators

  • Optimal motor performance and extended motor life
  • Increased pump and mixer efficiency
  • Safety focus
  • Optimized heat transfer and tolerance of high operating temperatures
  • Minimized risk of short circuits
  • Reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools