Level Sensors

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Flygt | Level Switches

ENM-10 Level Switch

  • Simple method for most level control applications and still very reliable and with an impressive track record
  • Available in many different...

Flygt | Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Level Probes

  • Unique level device design with fixed level points along a probe
  • Installed in thousands meaning a well proven track record
  • No electronics or moving...

Flygt | Hydrostatic & Ultrasonic Level Transmitters


  • Handles extreme temperature liquids and liquids with lots of dirt and mud well since it is mounted above the liquid 
  • Wide operating...


LTU 403

  • High performance specifications in terms of accuracy 0,35%, temperature -20C to +80C and power supply range of 6-27VDC
  • Built in service friendly auto...

Flygt | Hydrostatic & Ultrasonic Level Transmitters


  • High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control
  • Heavy weight makes installations simpler and safer, allows the sensor to...

Flygt | Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters


  • Ceramic diaphragm for high accuracy and durability
  • High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control
  • Measurement range adjustability makes...


MTR Family - Level Control Relays

MTR Family of Level Control Relays ensure ultra-reliable, maintainence-free level control.

Liquid Level Control Relay Simple, Reliable and Effective -...

Flygt | Pneumatic Level Transmitter, Level Switches & Level Accessories

Other Level

  • The level indicator LI 531 has a large LCD display, providing easy-to-read on-site level readings and simplifying the installation process for the...


SafeSmart - FailSafe Relay Backup Controllers

SafeSmart Backup Controllers provide a complete backup solution including pump control, level alarm, and pump thermal/seal protection for Pump...