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Product Features
  • Optimal motor performance and extended motor life
  • Increased pump and mixer efficiency
  • Safety focus
  • Optimized heat transfer and tolerance of high operating temperatures
  • Minimized risk of short circuits
  • Reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation

Long-lasting performance to the core

Flygt motors are built to last. Leveraging more than 100 years of experience, Flygt motors are designed and manufactured by Xylem. This allows us to carefully ensure all motors meet specified tolerances.

This applies both to the motor's nominal data and the manufacturing materials. A factory made Flygt stator incorporates several features not always found in a rewound stator. This ensures that a Flygt stator will perform reliably for years and years with less risk of heat buildup and other electrical or mechanical problems.

High safety margins and efficient impregnation

Most Flygt stators are built according to class H insulation, which is the highest insulation available. Class H incorporates a 60C safety margin for high operating temperatures, which may extend stator life time.

Flygt motors are also more reliable because we use superior copper wire insulation as well as efficient and environmentally friendly impregnation which minimize the risk for short circuits and ensure reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools