Leopold Clari-Vac floating sludge collector

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Product Features
  • High solids concentration
  • Trouble-free maintenance 
  • No moving parts under water
  • All parts except drives are nonferrous metals
  • Energy efficient 
  • Simple, mechanical skimming mechanism 
  • Quick, simple valve priming

Reliable, proven performance

Xylem’s Leopold Clari-Vac floating sludge collector removes material faster – up to 12 fpm, produces a higher solids content, lowers sludge disposal costs, drastically reduces power costs, and virtually eliminates maintenance. 

Clari-Vac sludge collector has proven to be energy efficient. In fact, it uses up to 80% less power than other system.

The simple, but rigid construction of the Clari-Vac floating sludge collector allows for trouble-free maintenance during tank drain-down.  There are no moving parts under water and all parts except the drive are nonferrous metals to minimize corrosion potential.

Engineered simplicity

The Leopold Clari-Vac floating sludge collector owes its outstanding and reliable performance to its engineered simplicity. The innovative floating bridge permits the collection headers to float at a minimum clearance of one inch from the floor tank. This allows an almost total clearance of sludge from the tanks if required. Friction to motion is virtually eliminated by the floats, reducing systems power costs.

Clari-Vac stainless steel collection headers siphon sludge from the floor of the tank with no stirring action, while the degassing system prevents to the loss of flow rate capacity in wastewater systems. 

The flow in each stainless steel siphon pipe is independently controlled to protect against loss of prime. The flow rate of sludge can be controlled exactly to minimize sludge production and maximize solids content.



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools