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Everything we rent comes backed by Xylem’s unrivaled expertise in water and wastewater applications. Our team of knowledgeable, highly-skilled technicians and engineers pride themselves on their ability to help you control maintenance costs, reduce the risk of unplanned failures, and maintain full compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements.

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Pre-bid consultations

From designing a new pumping system to improving an existing site, the experts at Xylem can help you with every aspect of an industrial or municipal project, including feasibility and environmental studies, planning, and detailed design and specification work.


When it’s time to move forward, we provide comprehensive engineering consultancy services that let you take advantage of our in-house water technology expertise. Whether you’re remodeling, expanding, or upgrading, your easy access to our full range of engineering services lets you reduce overhead and minimize risk.


To make sure you achieve a stable, reliable operating environment from the very beginning, our installation, commissioning, and training specialists get you up and running quickly, within spec, and in full compliance. This eliminates the need for in-house installation and project management services, and simplifies the process thanks to a single purchase order and point of contact.


When a pump stops, it can cause catastrophic failures that lead to expensive repairs, fines, and downtime. We offer various service levels – including remote monitoring, supervision services, and temporary data supply for condition reports – that ensure proper operation of your assets so you can avoid unplanned service calls.

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