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PumpView is the next generation in control and monitoring software for smaller water and wastewater utilities. Instead of going through an arduous design process, taking a big leap of faith and implementing a costly capital works project - you can monitor and control your wastewater collection or water supply system via the internet.

Start today. Do it securely.

  • Significant reduction in operational costs due to wealth of data from the site
  • Remote control - reset faults, control pump (auto/off/manual)
  • Low risk
  • Low cost

The only IT infrastructure needed is a web-browser (Internet Explorer 6/7) and an internet connection. PumpView uses the cellular network to communicate to and from the sites, and the internet to give you visibility and control of your system.

What Can I do With PumpView?

  • See status of the entire network
  • Drill down into individual Pump Stations and reservoirs
  • Monitor well level
  • Set pump and alarm set points
  • See hours run, starts and faults accumulators
  • Change mode and availability of pumps
  • Receive detailed pump fault descriptions
  • Monitor 3-phase supply and DC supply
  • Track power and energy usage
  • Monitor insulation resistance for motor windings (IRT)
  • See inflow rates
  • Track alarms for the entire network
  • Receive and acknowledge detailed alarms via SMS, email and voice

What Can I Control With PumpView?

  • Pump modes - (auto/off/manual)
  • Level alarms
  • Pump faults
  • Set point profiles
  • Automatically fill reservoirs from remote Pump Stations

What Can I Configure in PumpView?

  • Additional users, their contact methods and security privileges
  • Alarm contact lists
  • Individual alarm points on each site with type of alarm, time between contacting each user
  • I/O - zero and span for analogs, names, make an I/O point an alarm

What Reports Does PumpView Offer?

  • Hours run, starts accumulators
  • Fault report - date/time stamp, fault active/inactive, Pump Station
  • Alarm log - all user alarm interaction including when each user was notified, by what method (SMS/email/voice), who noted the alarm
  • User interaction log - all user interactions with their remote site
  • View Sample Reports.
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools