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Product Features
  • Easy to operate
  • High accuracy even with slow flows
  • Flexible


Flow rate is a major performance factor of water and wastewater systems. Measurements provide input to pump control as well as indications of malfunction or excessive pump part wear.

Easy to install and operate, Flygt MagFlux offers the accurate solution for flow measurement in your pipes. With more than 6,000 installations worldwide and designed to seamlessly integrate with Flygt’s range of pumps and control devices, MagFlux is the reliable way to know what’s happening in your pipes and let you take control of your pump station.


The MagFlux electromagnetic flow meters combine high accuracy, stability and low maintenance to deliver linear readings over a large range in pipe systems. With no moving parts, a straight through flow sensor and self-cleaning electrodes, the need for maintenance is virtually eliminated.

For the installation, you only need three pipe diameters upstream and two pipe diameters downstream for stated accuracy. After installation, you can choose forward or reverse flow direction thanks to the bi-directional sensors.

Flexible installation options, best-in-class data logging and networking, as well as comprehensive flow and batch control functions mean that MagFlux is a flow meter proven and ready to meet the pumping challenges of tomorrow.





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Documentation & Tools

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Technical Product Information

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