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Product Features
  • Minimize downtime
  • Easy access to all critical parts for the most common Flygt dewatering pump repairs 
  • Lower cost than buying individual replacement parts 
  • Simplify spare parts management 
  • Facilitate combination of kits for extensive repairs
  • Only include wear-resistant genuine Flygt Parts for long-lasting performance

Quick, convenient and cost-effective Flygt dewatering pump repair

Flygt Wear Kits include the components that usually require replacement on the hydraulic end of a Flygt dewatering pump. The range of Flygt Wear Kits include Flygt Wear Part Kits as well as Flygt Hydraulic Repair. The following parts are included in each kit category:

Flygt Wear Part Kits

  • Impeller
  • Suction cover
  • O-ring and fasteners

​​Flygt Hydraulic Repair Kits

  • Seal housing cover
  • Diffuser and shock absorbers

Combining a Flygt Wear Part Kit with a Flygt Hydraulic Repair Kit provides all the parts needed for a complete overhaul​ of the hydraulic components of a Flygt dewatering pump.

Flygt Wear Kits are available for the most common Flygt pump models. The Flygt Wear Part Kits include impeller in Hard-Iron (HRC 60) and the Flygt Hydraulic Repair Kits are available with seal housing covers and diffusers in nitrile rubber or in polyurethane.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools