Flygt 4735 jet mixer

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Product Features
  • Rated motor power range of 55 - 63 kW
  • Thrust range of 4200 - 5250 N
  • Flygt N-pump
  • Innovative ejector assembly
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Safe working environment
  • Reduced capital expenditures

The perfect mix

Xylem’s jet mixers combine two Flygt innovations – the Flygt N-pump and the ejector assembly – into a powerful jet mixer with sustained efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Extremely versatile, this floor-mounted system delivers powerful mixing performance in low-liquid-level and partially filled tanks just as well as in full tanks.

Unlike conventional solids-handling pumps that experience efficiency loss due to clogging, Flygt N-pumps keep pumping efficiently no matter what the wastewater may contain. Xylem calls this sustained efficiency. This is possible thanks to the patented self-cleaning N-hydraulic featuring machined backswept leading edges, an extended relief groove, and integrated guide pin. The result is maximum uptime, maximum efficiency, and minimum maintenance costs.

The Flygt N-pump is a reliable partner, even in the toughest of applications. In addition to its exceptional clog-resistance, patented N-pump technology handles municipal sludge with a dry solids concentration of up to 8%. For abrasive applications, the durable Hard-Iron™ hydraulic is available to keep the N-pump operating at its maximum efficiency. Flygt N-pumps are also available in explosion-proof versions.

Carefully engineered, the non-clogging ejector assembly consists of a large discharge nozzle and an ejector pipe with a specially shaped inlet. The diameter of the nozzle outlets is designed to pass any size solid that it can through the pump. The pump creates a primary flow that is delivered to the tank through the nozzle. As this flow enters the ejector pipe, a secondary flow is induced from the surrounding liquid.

Stir up efficiency with Flygt jet mixers

Access to and maintenance of the jet mixer is simplified since there are no mechanical moving parts inside the tank. Should repair be required, service staff can easily access the pump while standing outside the tank. This makes quick and easy work of maintenance, saving both time and money.

Risk to worker health and safety from exposure to wastewater pathogens is also virtually eliminated because the Flygt N-pump is installed outside of the tank.

The jet mixer pump may also be used for tank loading, effectively eliminating the need to purchase a separate pump for offloading.

Installation of Flygt jet mixers are ideal for use in:

  • Biological treatment process tanks
  • Sludge storage and digesters
  • Tanks standing on the ground with limited access on top



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools