Sensus Stratus IQ™ Electricity Meter

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Take your grid to next-level smart. Discover the Stratus IQ.

Electric meters measure usage. That’s their job. But that’s so…one-dimensional.

The Stratus IQ meter takes measurement to a whole new level by monitoring and providing feedback through enhanced data. This meter was designed to provide utilities with the data visibility and control needed to quickly adapt to a rapidly evolving smart grid.

Building upon the best-in-class Stratus®metering platform, the Stratus IQ combines grid edge intelligence with precise energy measurement into one powerful package. This meter provides two-way counting and options for high or low granularity of reads. Plus, with high-precision voltage monitoring and outage alarms, the Stratus IQ has the intelligence to deliver smart better.

Not only does this next-gen meter give utilities commercial and industrial power in a residential meter, it’s also obsessively designed and tested to be indestructible. With more data captured than any other meter, the Stratus IQ is fanatical about collecting—and protecting—information.

Oh, yeah, and you’ll be able to create a bill.

Benefits to you

  • Software-defined metrology for future flexibility
  • C&I power in a residential meter
  • Restores service faster following an outage
  • Four-quadrant metering for more efficient generation and distribution of power
  • Delivers increased visibility into your grid

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Product Features
  • 6 energies, 6 demands
  • 8 load profile channels
  • Four quadrant metering
  • Patented high-temperature detection
  • Expanded LCD with multiple enunciators
  • Tamper detection
  • 20-year Time-of-Use calendar
  • Persistent real-time clock maintains time for 24 hours following an outage
  • Optical port
  • Conservation voltage reduction
  • Remote ZigBee, radio and metrology firmware download


  • UL 2735 listed
  • kWh, kVAh, kVARh energy measurements
  • 19 utility industry end device ANSI Tables
  • 1 Wh internal and display resolution
  • 256-bit AES encryption
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Documentation & Tools