EBI 300 Series Ebro EBI 310 Multi-Use USB High-Precision Data Logger

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Multi-Use USB High-Precision Data Loggers

A battery-powered temperature measurement and recording instrument for monitoring temperature-sensitive products during transportation. ebro EBI 310 Multi-Use USB High-Precision Data Loggers eliminate costly and time-consuming IQ/OQ procedures through a standard reporting process.

Product Features
  • USB temperature data logger for monitoring the cold chain
  • 120,000 measurement values storage space
  • Not manipulierbares PDF/A1b format
  • Highly flexible alarm system 5 limit values
  • Temperature monitoring according to the GMP/HACCP-/IFS specifications
  • High data security.
  • Automatic PDF generation
  • Transportation control through the entire product life cycle
  • Expansion of the range with external probe (200 ° C to +250 ° C)


  • Transport of medication, vaccines, blood products and raw materials
  • Transportation of temperature sensitive materials
  • For dry ice and CO2 applications
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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